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Hiring a lighting designer early in your project allows you to gain professional input during the formulation of the program, avoiding costly errors later on. The designer’s extensive knowledge of lighting products and systems enables him or her to integrate lighting into your space effectively. The designer can frequently reduce the cost of the project because they are able to:

  • Select the most appropriate lighting solution.
  • Meet the programmed budget.
  • Evaluate alternative lighting systems.
  • Locate lights only where needed.
  • Use energy efficient solutions.
  • Address maintenance issues.
  • Assist during the equipment procurement process.
  • Monitor lighting equipment installation.
  • Avoid design mistakes that can be very expensive to correct.
  • Develop performance-oriented specifications.
Aside from specifying lighting equipment, its location and its control, lighting designers add a creative dimension to every project, always working within the parameters of each job. Quality lighting design, executed by a lighting professional, is critical to the success of every architectural and exterior design project. A professional lighting design will:
  • Enrich all other design elements.
  • Address specific uses and program requirements.
  • Enhance worker productivity.
  • Add an aesthetics through color, technique and fixture selection.
  • Conform to all applicable building and energy codes.

The consultation is free. In this way, you are encouraged to inquire about lighting interests without cost.

First we ask you a few questions to determine your needs. Next, we create a design based on this information. A presentation proposal is then made to you in which everything is explained.

YOU ARE NEVER UNDER ANY OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER! Should you choose to illuminate a portion of your property, we will offer suggestions on how to get the most for your investment. We have more than 30 years of experience, so we can best advise you where your budget should be used for you security and aesthetic needs.